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Our Mission defines us


Vice City Shops Network is proud to be called the only All-in-One integrated Marketplace with Open-Doors Policies, providing at low cost, world class last-block solutions, such as Online Ordering with EXPRESS and Same-Day Delivery to Adult, Smoke and Convenience Shops customers. 
Designed, developed and managed by experienced businessmen curated by Excelsior International to empower, connect and grow your local economy and continuously expanding by partnering with the most reliables providers worldwide. 

How we got here?


 August, 2021 in Miami FL, at 5:45am a "gostosa" (hot) meeting had just started. Suddenly!, one the participants needed a "Babado" (Something that is so good) for Adults urgently, but  any of them was in a condition to drive or travel already to go and get it, damn!. So, They started to  lookup for stores that deliver sex products, finally they found one; but in total they paid, was almost triple of the real product price, including the delivery service fee...

$20 delivery + 90 minutes wait  for  1.6 miles away + 3x the Item price.

Hell NO! 

 So, one of those of the participants said, "what if someone  delivers those Adults & Smoke itemsto people's doorsteps

Affordably, and ASAP and at Anytime ?

That participant is now one of our Managing Partners 

Definitely in every meeting exists the diversity, a fundamental key of this project, including the amazing difference of way  to think.

A month after that, Babados FOR NOW! Adults & Smoke Shop  virtually opened its doors in Miami.

In 2022, kept beating asses with 10x  its initial inventory and delivering as MIAMI Vice City Shop & Wholesales

Nowaday 2023, still changing the game as Vice City Shops Network launched the Vice CIty CONNECT app,  and  becoming the  only All-in-One Marketplace with open doors policies in the United States and we dare to say " Worldwide", working and growing together with more than 10 affiliated locations in South Florida delivering  joy and comfort  in less than30 min, with  Adults, Smoke and Vicious Essentials to everyone, without exclusions.   

In every single minute alive grants us the opportunity to reimagine on how to grow and change the game. 

Since then,

Vice City Shops is Changing the game

Vice Cty Shops Managers copy.png


Marcos Gorios

Merchant success & risk officer

Joe Giron D'Silva

director & operations manager

Nair Molina

Salesforce & Compliance Manager

This outstanding team of leaders is a body that accelerates the delivery of our service and people mission connecting this project with our key focuses; such as People & Diversity, Risk & Resilience, and regulatory compliance, to support our company performance and health.



We have thoroughly selected ours Partners Shops from different cities , which have decided to expandgrow and change the game with us.

They are fully supported by Vice City Shops Network with tools in our project and passing through fantastic and nonstop fun day a day. They have believed in our Last block Solution  fulfillment with USWide ShippingSame-Day,  EXPRESS Delivery , and Pickup of the best products of the both worlds, Adults & Smoke, accompanied with a variety of favoruites Vicious Essentials

AK Florida Ventures LLC




R & S Investment Management LLC


Prime Smoke Inc


Feb 15, 2022

Star Distribution Inc


SSS Tobacco Inc


J & H Retails LLC


Jubilee Ventures Inc


J & S Retails LLC


Z & S Retails LLC


99 Management


Davie Food Mart LLC


Aug 8, 2022


Signature Brands

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